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Simpsons, Meet the Simpsons ... (Read 3,879 times)
Topic Description: The Simpsons, Lois Griffin, Buena Park Mall, nudity
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11. Oct 2012 at 11:38
10-11-2012 -- [Time to play catch-up. Have been dreaming for the last five days, but haven't got anything posted. So again my mind sends me a dream neat enough to force me to get off my butt. Its also slightly dirty, but not that much, more suggestive. So I'll get this one, and hopefully all else from the last five days posted today.]

I'm in the Hickory house, and my room is the second bedroom in this dream, though I don't spend any time in it. I have been cleaning it out, and just tossing boxes into the kitchen, but now there are so many old, empty boxes that you can't get to the cupboard or the garage. So I am trying to stack the boxes together to take as many out at once as I can. I think I end up carrying about seven boxes (including a pizza box) in two hands.

Somehow I find myself in a big area that kind of reminds me of the outside entrance to the lower level of the Buena Park Mall that was located near Sears behind Newberry's. There is one shop entrance in the immediate area, with the cage-like gate that rolls down to block the entrance at night kind of acting like a mouth. It drops violently with a loud bang which causes dust to rise, the room to shake, and the pillars in the corridor next to the store to look like they are going to collapse and bring the corridor down.

I suddenly find myself in an episode of the Simpsons, sort of. I am standing in the living room of the Simpsons' house on Evergreen Terrace. Bart and Milhouse are running around playing, but they are being watched by Lois Griffin in a fairly skimpy and quite lacy slip. The kids are doing something they shouldn't, or talking about something they've done that is really terrible (along the lines of literal attempted murder or worse), and some sort of voice-over narrator is talking about a hidden camera in the very roof of the house that is going to catch everything.

The camera pans to the ceiling, zooming through a large hole that somehow looks like it belongs, and it almost feels like I am flying up there to have a look, though I don't. It is just the camera technique. Either way, we're being shown the angle from the camera in the ceiling, and regardless of what the narrator is saying, the angle is wrong to actually see anything the kids are doing. Heh.

Still, this narrative voice out of nowhere is slightly frightening, even if we characters can only hear it kind of subconsciously, and Lois is kind of leaning back in my arms for a little comfort, and she is really quite sexy in the dream. As the kids continue to play, I start to lead her through the house looking for somewhere we can have a little fun. We soon find ourselves in a huge bathroom with multiple showers (kind of like a locker room) and I'm just about to have some fun when Bart and Milhouse walk in.

"Are you guys gonna do it?" he asks, "because I'm gonna watch!" So much for that. Guess I just have to settle for some light kissing. Phooey. Soon we're sitting at a long table in a large room, and Bart and Milhouse start to give a presentation on what they've been doing. It is long-winded, rambling, and terribly boring. The length and comprehension of the 'report' is more what you would expect from Lisa, but it is both boring, and impossible to understand. Bart has even gotten lots of collateral materials to present to us, so much more involved than anything you would expect from him. Too bad it is all nonsense.

He brings in two more people to 'help' with the presentation. One looks like a Simpsons version of Lisa Tuttle from Saved by the Bell, the other is a quite attractive blonde with a fairly large bust. The voice-over announcement is back, and says something about the girl looking like Marilyn Monroe, but thinking she is Bette Ford because that's the clinic she's been in. Lois says "Marilyn?" and I kind of repeat the voice-over and the Bette Ford Clinic part, and she replies "I heard that part," in a slightly annoyed voice, though she is still in my arms. At this point the woman is standing by a trash can, routing through it.

As Bart is still rambling on, I grab some of the collateral material, and find myself looking at a refrigerator magnet about the size of the magnetic calendars that Hosanna Printing did one year, but with an advertisement for whatever it is Bart is talking about on it, instead. (I think it is some sort of movie he is making, but again, nothing makes sense.) Problem is, he's done his usual half-arsed job on it. The magnets are at angles, sticking out from under the ad, with extra glue spilled everywhere and dried out. Very unprofessional looking.

I try to call Bart over to talk to me, but he doesn't want to come near me, fearing I am going to choke him like Homer would. I just plan to have a discussion with him about focus, and goals, and whatever it is he is trying to accomplish, but in truth I fear the entire presentation has no point, and he is probably just doing it to annoy us. Bart has tried to hide by dropping to the floor, and the blond has joined him there and they are messing around. By the time she gets back to her feet, one of her breasts is hanging out of her loose, low-cut green top. I ignore it.

As I try to talk to Bart, suddenly the blonde is half-lying on the table, completely nude, legs spread, showing off all her bits. Actually doing this in front of a couple of little kids makes it far more disturbing than erotic. I get kind of excited, but not about her nudity, specifically. "I never thought I'd get to say something like this in an episode of the Simpsons," I begin, "but I don't care if we are on Fox, that's never going to make it past the censors!"

The blonde is now gone, and Lois is asking me what I am talking about. She was looking at a brochure that was part of Bart's materials, and didn't see the girl showing herself on the table, so I'm explaining about her showing her bits, all of her bits. About that time, Flanders walks in, and I'm thinking if he were just a few seconds earlier, he would have lost his mind! He's trying to understand this presentation of Bart's, as well, and has decided to try to take a disc from the computer on the table.

The computer is a very odd model, and seems none-too-stable. It is slightly rocking on the table, and as Ned tried to open the disc drive door, it somehow kind of snaps at him. Before our eyes it is slowly changing. It is still a computer, but more and more it is a computer that looks and acts like a cartoon-style robot dog.

At this point we're all still at the table, but it is set up in that entrance corridor at the Buena Park Mall, and as Flanders reaches for the disc drive again, the robot dog sends some sort of radio signal, and the roll down cage door thing on the one present store front starts to snap down with another big bang. The room shakes, the dust starts rising, and the pillars are shaking terribly, and Ned bolts down the corridor in fright!
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